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Master Matthew Marshall


Master Matthew Marshall is the founder of TaeKwonDo School Phoenix SMA in Southampton and has been providing expert training in TaeKwonDo and self defence martial arts for over 15 years. Find out more about his background and his martial arts schools in Hampshire below.

Martial Arts Background


Master Matthew Marshall began his martial arts journey when he took up Japanese Jiu Jitsu in 1998. Discovering he preferred a striking style he switched to Kickboxing and then Karate, before joining a TaeKwonDo School where he immediately found his passion. Master Marshall was awarded a 1st Degree Black Belt in 2001, 2nd Degree in 2003, 3rd Degree in 2006 and was nationally ratified a 4th Degree in 2010. After training in numerous TaeKwonDo martial arts and self defence techniques, he was awarded a 5th Degree Master Black Belt in 2015. Always looking for ongoing training to bring the best possible teaching to his martial arts schools in Southampton, Master Marshall has passed the Martial Arts Instructor UK training course and achieved a MAIUK Course Trainer certification in 2015. After discovering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2007, Master Marshall took part in a short programme within the organisation he was with at the time. Unfortunately it was some time until he was able to fully commit to regular classes. However from 2013, he began training regularly and was awarded a Blue Belt in June 2017.


Teaching at Martial Arts Schools


During his time at TaeKwonDo School Master Marshall began assisting part-time in junior classes and became a trainee instructor in 2002. With a growing interest to work in martial arts schools, he began teaching full-time at Cowplain TaeKwonDo Academy in Portsmouth in 2003. After a 2-year apprenticeship, where he helped organise after school clubs, teach self defence classes, run summer holiday programmes and set up Black Belt Training classes, he became a certified instructor.


In 2006 Master Marshall was invited to start up a TaeKwonDo School in Sardinia, Italy, which he did so successfully and graded over 40 students. Upon his return to the UK he began teaching in Southampton as a Centre Manager for a full-time martial arts club.


Setting up Phoenix School of Martial Arts


After gaining excellent knowledge and experience in how to run a TaeKwonDo School, Master Marshall set out to open his own martial arts schools in 2007. Starting with a 1 week class near Southampton, in Bursledon and Hamble, the classes soon became so popular that more were added and the club was moved to bigger training spaces in Hamble and Botley. To reach as many people as possible across Hampshire, Master Marshall set up After School Clubs in 2010, to help pupils improve their fitness, discipline and learn self defence skills.


After expanding his knowledge of martial arts and seeking different styles of training, Master Marshall founded Phoenix SMA in Southampton which now as over 300 members. The martial arts schools offer two different styles of classes, Freestyle TaeKwonDo and Self Defence Systems. Students attending our Martial Arts and TaeKwonDo School are taught by Master Marshall and an excellent team of fully-qualified and experienced instructors.

Interested in TaeKwonDo or Self Defence Systems? Call Phoenix SMA today on 07877 754 578 to book a FREE trial class at one of our martial arts schools in Southampton.

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