Affordable class packages in Southampton

At Phoenix School Of Martial Arts our class packages start from £25 per month. When enrolling the whole family you will receive some great discounts!

You can join with zero fuss and maximum fun!

Are you looking for a school with straightforward prices that let you get the most out of your training? Phoenix School of Martial Arts allows as many classes per week as you would like to attend, or just one, for one simple monthly fee, at our range of venues and times.

Even better, for each of your family members who join you'll receive a discount, on both monthly fees and enrolment! There has never been a better time for you to join, get fit, have fun, and learn Martial Arts. Get in touch today to see what else we can offer.
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Monthly class subscription prices

(Price accurate as of Jun '17)
Freestyle TaeKwonDo (TKD)
£30 per month – attend once per week
£50 per month – all classes at Hamble

£25 per month – attend once per week
£45 per month – attend up to twice per week

£25 per month – attend once per week

£25 per month – attend once per week

(If you miss a class in the month, you may attend another class in its place within the same month)

Self Defence Systems (SDS)
£30 per month – attend once per week
£45 per month - attend up to 3 times a week

Family Discounts
For each Family Member that enrols into Phoenix SMA, will receive a discount of their monthly Subscription Fees. Discounts vary depending on how often you attend classes and how many Family Members that enrol. Simply speak to your Instructor for more details. 
PLEASE NOTE - Family Discounts only apply to subscriptions over £30 and exclude KIKFIT

Tailor-made Subscriptions
If you are limited to certain days that you can train or you want to do multiple programmes, Phoenix SMA can alter your monthly subscription to suit your needs. Simply speak to your Instructor to see what can be done to make your own package.

Enrolment fees and annual renewals

Your initial enrolment covers your first year of Membership, 1 year's Licence, a Phoenix SMA Branded Uniform, and your first month of classes. You will really feel the difference you've made to your health, fitness, and confidence by learning Martial Arts, year in, year out! Renewals are due annually. Expired Licences will result in the student being unable to take part in any Phoenix SMA events.

First Family Member
£75 - Enrolment price
£30 - Annual renewal fee

Second Family Member
£50 - Enrolment price
£25 - Annual renewal fee

Third Family Member
£30 - Enrolment price
£20 - Annual renewal fee

Additional Family Members
£20 - Enrolment price
£10 - Annual renewal fee
Licence Renewal Form Welcome & Enrolment Pack

After School Clubs

As students are joining the Phoenix School Of Martial Arts for term-time only, you can be sure of the best value by paying termly fees for approximately ten sessions. (NOTE: Enrolment Fees still apply but will receive the remainder of the terms classes instead of 1 month)

First Family Members
Compton Primary - £60 per term
Hamble Primary - £60 per term
Bishop's Waltham Junior - £60 per term
Bishops Waltham Infant - £60 per term
Netley Abbey Infant - £60 per term
(the above prices are for the Winter Term 2017, Sept to Dec)

PLEASE NOTE: ASC Fees are based on term to term costs and may increase or decrease each term. Family Discount may also apply.

Merchandise & Equipment

Alongside your complimentary formal uniform, you may want to treat yourself to some other Phoenix SMA training merchandise, ranging from trousers to T-Shirts to Hoodies.

Sparring Gear is also ordered through Phoenix SMA, from replacement feet pads to an entire kit. Speak to your Instructor for more information.
  • Trousers start from £10
  • T-Shirt start from £15
  • Hoodies start from £25
  • Entire Sparring Kits from £90
PLEASE NOTE: it is company policy that all training attire and equipment is to be purchased through Phoenix SMA Ltd. 

Other equipment will not be allowed to be used if purchased elsewhere.

Price Promise - Phoenix SMA will match any retail price* of any new like for like items or equipment.
*not including special offers made by other retailers.

"This club is fantastically run and you always feel welcome. They are brilliant with all the age groups and everyone is always smiling, even when they feel like dropping :)"
- James D

Join now to see the benefits that TaeKwonDo training has to offer! Get in touch at or call on

07877 754 578

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