Master Marshall

Master Matthew Marshall

Master Marshall began his training in Martial Arts in 1998 when he took up Japanese Jiu Jitsu but preferred a striking style so he switched to Kickboxing. Not long after starting the new class, he realised that the more traditional training suited him better and so joined a Karate class for some time. Still not fully satisfied, Master Marshall went to a TaeKwonDo School and was hooked from day one. In 2001 he was awarded a 1st Degree Black Belt, 2nd Degree in 2003, 3rd Degree in 2006 and then was nationally ratified a 4th Degree in 2010. Master Marshall is now currently a 5th Degree Master Black Belt which he was awarded in 2015.
In 2001, Master Marshall began assisting in junior classes a few times a week and became a Trainee Instructor in 2002. In 2003 he starting teaching as a full time job at the Cowplain TaeKwonDo Academy in Portsmouth. After a 2 year apprenticeship, he became a Certified Instructor. In this time, he helped to set up After School Clubs & Summer Holiday Programmes as well as help run the day to day classes at the academy. With his enthusiasm to teach being so high, Master Marshall set up a Junior Black Belt Training class which proved to be a great success.
In 2006 Master Marshall was invited to help start up a TaeKwonDo centre in Sardinia, Italy. Despite having the obvious language barrier, he managed to successful grade over 40 students to Yellow Belt. Once the centre had been established, he was due to go back to the UK, however he decided to stay for one last Grading. Upon his return to the UK, he began teaching in Southampton as a Centre Manager of a full time club in Thornhill. During his time at this school, Master Marshall greatly expanded the student basis as well as developing an Inter-School Sparring League.
Armed with the knowledge and experience gained from these postings, Master Marshall set out to open his own school in 2007. Initially with only 1 day a week available for students to train in both Hamble and Bursledon, classes quickly flourished and after only a few months, classes were made available 3 times a week. In 2009 Mr Marshall moved all of his classes to Hamble , offering bigger training space and better facilities. Shortly after, a new club was opened in Botley. Although Botley was primarily opened as a separate club, it has become linked to the Hamble School, allowing students to train at both locations.
Determined to pass on his Martial Arts experience to as many people as possible, Master Marshall set up an After School Club (ASC) in the Bishops Waltham in 2010. Since then the programme has expanded into other local schools including Compton, Hamble & Netley Abbey Schools. These After School Programmes run along side the HQ of Phoenix SMA and many students have participated in both the ASC and the HQ classes which has allowed some of them to progress through the Grading system more regularly and in a few cases, enabled them to achieve a Junior Black Belt.
The knowledge Master Marshall has gained over the years is not only based on his extensive experience in both training and teaching martial arts, but also through attending a number of Instructor training courses. These course were developed under an American TKD Organisation (the International TaeKwonDo Alliance - ITA, now known as Tiger Rock Martial Arts) and so, many areas were not completely covered or in some cases did not apply here in the UK. Wanting to have a UK based qualification, Master Marshall attended and passed the Martial Arts Instructor UK training course in 2008, achieving a Level 1 Instructor award with the Cobra Martial Arts Association. Realising the potential of the MAIUK programme, Master Marshall took and passed the assessment for becoming a MAIUK Course Trainer in 2015. He now has the ability to run MAIUK Course of his own, enabling those who wish to earn a teaching qualification under the CMAA, the opportunity to do so.
Between 1998 and 2012 Mr Marshall was exposed to a number of different styles of TKD either from being associated with them directly or training with them to help expand his knowledge of the art. Realising that no matter what governing body he was associated with, his views and goals would not be completely achievable and so he decided to make his classes completely independent and founded the Phoenix School of Martial Arts. Taking the elements of the different styles he has trained and studied in, the Phoenix SMA Curriculum is unique but familiar.
Throughout his training, Mr Marshall has entered a number of Tournaments in which he has frequently won 3rd and 2nd place in forms divisions and sparring divisions. In 2012, Mr Marshall decided to test out the Phoenix SMA system and entered himself and a number of his students into a local tournament circuit. Almost all students achieved 1st, 2nd or 3rd places and Mr Marshall won 1st place in both forms and sparring in the Spring and Winter Tournaments, 2 years in a row.
As well as training in TaeKwonDo, Master Marshall has trained in HanMuDo whilst being part of the ITA. This training involved empty hand defences including grip releases, joint manipulation techniques, sweeps and take-downs, as well as weapons training. Master Marshall successfully Graded to Red Belt - 5th KYU before leaving the ITA.
Master Marshall is also currently training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Mr Kevin Hall of Basingstoke School of Martial Arts. After winning Silver at the Surrey BJJ Open in July 2014, Mr Marshall is keen to compete again. It is also his hope to Grade for his Blue Belt in the near future, which will enable him to pass on his knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to others, just as he has been able to do with his TKD classes.
In early 2015, Master Marshall was getting a great deal of interest for martial arts training but many teenagers and adults preferred the less traditional teaching methods. And so combining his knowledge of martial arts from stand up kicking, striking & blocking, to releasing & joint manipulation techniques, sweeps & take-downs, to groundwork positional escapes and chokes and joint locks, a new programme was developed called "Self Defence Systems". This programme was recognised by the Cobra Martial Arts Association and added to the Cobra Self Defence register. Within weeks of the programme being developed, a number of courses were booked for Youth & Teenagers as well as families with young children. The programme is now available at Phoenix SMA HQ.

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