Grading System in Southampton

At Phoenix School Of Martial Arts we offer Gradings every 2 months for Colour Belts and every 4 months for Black Belts. Gradings are conducted at the Hamble Sports Complex for all ranks. Please see your Instructor for more details.

Grading Registration is completed online. Simply fill out the form on this page and then hand in your fee and licence book to your Instructor on or before the date of your grading. 


The Freestyle TaeKwonDo and Self Defence Systems curriculum's operate a Grading system that uses colour belts to show the students progression. 

Freestyle TaeKwonDo Gradings are formal events held at Phoenix SMA's HQ where students perform their required skills to determine whether they are ready to promote to their next rank. In order to to register for Gradings, students must complete Online Registration.

Self Defence Systems Grading are informal and are completed during classes. Students are continually assessed by their Instructors and once they have spent the required time in rank and can demonstrate all requirements, they are promoted to their next rank.
Results from June 2017
To see the latest Grading Results, click here
Confirmed Grading dates for 2017
Colour Belt Gradings*
(1:30pm to 4:30pm)
Sunday 23rd July
Sunday 24th September
Sunday 3rd December
*White & Yellow Belts are to Grade in class

Black Belt Gradings:
(1:00pm to 5:00pm)
Saturday 22nd July
Saturday 2nd December

Confirmed Grading Dates for 2018
Gradings in 2018 will see a new format. Ranks will be split into 3 section and will Graded at separate times/dates:
White & Yellow Belts
Sunday 24th February
Sunday 6th May
Sunday 15th July
Sunday 23rd September
Sunday 2nd December

Students will Grade within class times 
(11am to 12pm), however class will run along side
Orange to Purple Belts
Thursday 21st February
Thursday 3rd May
Thursday 12th July
Thursday 20th September
Thursday 29th November

Students will Grade within class times 
(5pm to 7pm), however class will run along side
Brown, Red & Black Belts
Saturday 23rd February
Saturday 5th May
Saturday 14th July
Saturday 22nd September
Saturday 1st December

Brown & Red Belts will Grade at 1:30pm
Black Belts will Grade at 3:30pm

Reserve your place at your nearest class today. Email one of our Certified Instructors on or call on 

07877 754 578

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