Martial arts training in Southampton

With classes running 7 days a week including kids only and adults only classes as well as mixed and family classes, Phoenix School Of Martial Arts is your first choice in martial arts training in Southampton.

You can learn Martial Arts at any age!

Phoenix SMA offers Freestyle TaeKwonDo classes for children and adults alike in both separate and mixed or family classes. If your goals include getting fit, losing weight, increasing confidence and learning new skills, then Phoenix School of Martial Arts is the place for you. Whether you want to learn basic self-defence, or get involved with sparring and breaking, your Taekwondo training will be perfect over as many sessions as suits your lifestyle. 
We now also offer 2 additional programmes: 
Self Defence Systems (SDS) - Combining techniques from a number of martial arts to make a unique system. 
KIKFIT - Using particular techniques from our Martial Arts Programmes and practising them at high intensity for quick periods to get the heart rate up but also develop muscle memory.
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Join when and where suits you best

Our centres offer classes across the Southampton and Winchester areas for ages 4 and above. You can check out our locations and times here. 
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Choose Taekwondo for your lifestyle

Choose TaeKwonDo for your lifestyle

TaeKwonDo is practised for both physical and mental well-being, so here’s your chance to get yourself started on a new healthier and balanced lifestyle. We cater to everyone, from single membership to your whole family.
What We Offer
Start your training with a free class

Start your training with a free class

With classes in different locations and offering a variety of times and programmes to choose from, Phoenix SMA is your first choice for martial arts. Contact one of our Certified Instructors for more information or to book your FREE lesson.
Welcome pack

Download your welcome pack today, and get yourself started on your new journey!

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Upcoming Activities

Upcoming Activities

Phoenix SMA hosts and takes part in many events throughout the year. Below you will find the events that will be happening in the next few months:

Upcoming Tournaments
LTSI Open - Hertfordshire
Regional Championships, Basingstoke
East Coast Open - Fakenham
Newsletter Mar & Apr 2017
Event Dates

Event Dates

19/03/2017 - LTSI Open TKD Tournament - Hatfield, Hertfordshire

25/03/2017 - Spring TKD Championships - Basingstoke

02/04/2017 - East Coast Martial Arts Championship - Fakenham, Norfolk

08/04/2017 - Next Black Belt Grading 

09/04/2017 - Next Colour Belt Grading

Training Sessions

Take a look at our dojang, instructors and the training sessions.

Contact Phoenix School Of Martial Arts for further details on for classes in Southampton.

07877 754 578

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